Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poised to Receive

You broke through again.

Despite my best efforts, piercing my heaviest armor, You broke through. The shining visage of the Blameless engulfing the space around us, Your movement reviving our ashes, stirring the embers to a radiant glow. And we stood disarmed, defenseless, poised to receive.Your Spirit responded in waves of mercy, enveloping, restoring, renewing. The train of Your robe pervading the temple of our hearts.

Our deliverer is relentless. I can feel Him reverberate through the walls I’ve constructed. I can feel Him tearing towards us, restoring all that's been corrupted by our wastefulness and diluted by our apathy.

Freedom's melody grows slowly louder. I can hear its echo intensifying inside my spirit, shaking me into awareness. The voice of the Rescuer pierces me as my mind and memory are suddenly caught in recognition and recollection of His Spirit’s whispers. I know the voice; I remember the touch.

Passion is kindled. Ardor is awakened.


You don’t experience a willing vulnerability very often. Jes, my brothers and I went to the Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova show last night at the Ryman. The show was fantastic, but I was absolutely overwhelmed by the opening song. The lights went low and Glen Hansard came out onto the stage. He stepped to the very edge, guitar unplugged, his voice completely unassisted by technology, and started into “Say it to me now.” I’ve never heard a crowd at the Ryman more hushed. He sang defenseless; completely vulnerable. In a city of manufactured celebrities, it was something so raw and beautiful that will haunt me for weeks to come. Absolutely beautiful…