Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stepping on anyone's toes?

Saw this first on Scott Bailey's blog.
And think, this is what most contemporary western churches aspire to.

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God bless Nashville

I love this city.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago, my response would have likely been different. At 17, I was at that age where all you want to do is escape from the place you grew up. It’s in those late teen years that you tend to view every part of your childhood with repugnance.

But now, I’m ready to embrace, respect and, yes, even love those various pieces that have come together to make me who I am. Nashville has so much to do with that. Even with the tourist traps, the dense cluster of jaded musicians, and the constant barrage of demos being passed around to no one in particular by aspiring singer-songwriters, I absolutely adore this city.

I was listening to a father talk about his feelings toward his son last night. He told a story where his son had gotten injured and taken to the hospital. The father told of the panic and emotion that rose up in his soul at that moment. It was in those few seconds that all the love he had for his son surfaced, overwhelming his emotions.

Strangely, I think I’ve felt something similar for Nashville in the past few days. I could never really understand how much I care for this city and the people that call it home until the aftermath of this past weekend’s flood. The pain that this city has undergone in just a few days breaks my heart. But the way the city is coming together in the midst of the tragedy is amazing. Half a dozen benefit concerts have already been scheduled. A telethon is scheduled for tonight to raise money for the Red Cross and its effort to provide relief to those that are coping with the loss of their loved ones, homes, and possessions. The city is brimming with volunteers ready to help in whatever way they can. When you see people coming together like this, the true emotions you have for a place quickly surface.

I pray for my hometown as it starts on the long road of rebuilding and recovery.

God bless Nashville.